The capital and the largest town of Cape Verde. Not a very touristic place, but still worth a short visit for its atmosphere and cultural events. Good starting point for trips around Santiago Island. But don't arrive there on a Sunday, it's empty :)

Cidade Velha

Former capital of Cape Verde, now just a small village close to Praia. A very nice place to spend 1 - 2 days. Some historic sites, including an old fortress (recently renovated) and the oldest church in the archipelago, today in ruins. Beautiful walk alonside the, nowadays, dry ribeira (river) valley. more…

Trip around Santiago Island

A one-day round trip from Praia to Tarrafal after changing countless mini-buses (aluguers), all overcrowded, of course :) and driving at high speeds on narrow, bumpy roads.

Today: 2020/10/27